Replanting Heropath

Development on Heropath started in 2012 when I and a programmer decided to work together. I funded his time and he worked with my role as a producer to create an online ‘Meta-RPG’ game for the next three years. It was launched as a closed alpha in 2016 and did poorly because of its poor design and less than stellar execution. The programmer and I parted ways and I sat on what to do about Heropath for the next few years.

I researched and I wrote down design ideas on how to improve Heropath. Now I’ve arrived at the beginnings of what will be my solution: I am going to re-design and re-code Heropath which is going to be a huge undertaking since I have done neither before.

I plan to slowly learn coding to develop my programming skills. I plan to learn design by expanding on the coding tutorials that I’ll be learning from. This will take many months and I don’t plan to write about every lesson I take or skill I have developed, until I get to the first prototype of what I plan Heropath to be.

In the meantime I will write about game development theory and about the high-level concepts that inspire me. Those will be the focus of my next few posts.

Welcome to Heropath

Heropath is being relaunched following its closed Alpha launch back in 2016. The feedback received indicated that a complete rewrite of Heropath was required. This blog is the development diary of that rewrite.

My plans for Heropath are going to be ‘strange and wonderful’, a video game love-letter to Strategy-Adventure games and select hybrid Adventure games. I’m very excited about where this takes me as I’ve never designed and programmed a video game before. I will use this blog to deconstruct video games as I weigh design and coding decisions.

Thanks for your attention. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” ~ Simone Weil